RF Test Fixture Design

We always start with the end goal in mind, by determining the final requirement set by the end-user, design plans and strategies can be adjusted to suit the project timeline.

Our engineers will work with both the customers and end-users to finalize the approaches to prevent miscommunication and to reduce design cycles.

RF test fixture must be properly designed in order to achieve excellent RF and mechanical performance.

RF Test Fixture Design
RF Test Fixture Design - Electrical Analysis

Electrical Analysis

RF Station uses CST Studio Suite which is a full-wave 3D EM simulation tool for the design and validation process. This enables us to accurately determine the RF performance of the RF test fixture.

RF performances such as Signal Integrity (SI), reflection/insertion coefficient, crosstalks, Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) analysis will be optimized and improved at the same time.

Mechanical Analysis

RF test fixture has to endures thousands to millions times of deflections throughout the fixture life cycle. Furthermore, there are also requests such as heat flow analysis where the test fixture is injected with hot air to heat up the device under test.

Finite Element Method (FEM) Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis can also be optimized during the design process.

Fatigues Analysis will be used to optimized the test fixture for longer life cycles.

Tools that will be used for the simulations are Abaqus, xFlow, FEsafe and etc. 

RF Test Fixture Design - Mechanical Analysis 1
RF Test Fixture Design - Mechanical Analysis 2
RF Test Fixture Design - Mechanical Analysis 3
RF Test Fixture Design - Design for Fabrication

Design for Fabrication

Our design approach targets specifically for final fabrication, including all important factors such as tolerances, material properties, surface finishes and etc.

We will optimize the RF test fixture for use of final fabrication. We can also include six sigma during the optimization process to increase the yield.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping is an important factor in the design process, where the designs are validated through first measurement. We work with international companies, pioneering in 3D printing technology.

We also partner with company that could provide 3D printing for PCB, where substrate and metal layers are printed simultaneously. This provides us with capabilities to design RF test fixture that is not available in traditional prototyping facilities. 

RF Test Fixture Design - Rapid Prototyping
RF Test Fixture Design - Final validation

Final validation

RF Station is also partnered with R&S, an international leader in test and measurement equipment provider. We provide full range of equipment for RF test fixture validation and qualification.

Pre-compliance and compliance tests can also be verified using state-of-the-art equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

CST Studio Suite is used to simulate the RF performance of the test fixtures. We are very confident with our capability because we provide one-stop solution including simulation, prototyping, measurement, and also certification services. We are also ISO 9001 accredited for the scope of design and consultation.

We also provide CFD and FEA services. CFD and FEA analysis are important to ensure reliability and life span of the RF test fixtures.

We work with companies specializing in RF test fixtures. By combining both our strength in designing and manufacturing, you just found the right company. Please contact us to discuss your application with our sales engineer.

We are ISO 9001 accredited for the scope of design and consultation. We can help to design, simulate, optimize, prototype, and certified any RF products. Please contact us to discuss your application with our sales engineer.

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