PCB Thermal Analysis

XFlow CFD Thermal PCB Analysis
integrated circuit (IC) is packed in smaller form factor


PCB capabilities are enhanced fueled by rapid development in 5G and IoT. With this enhancement, integrated circuit (IC) is packed in smaller form factor, while maintaining high processing power. This causes the heat in IC to build up quickly. Without any thermal management, the IC lifespan will be shorten or even failed.

RF Station is experienced in both Electromagnetic (EM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations, which gives us insight to the right cause and implement correct mitigation technique.

Besides, we can also provide early stage evaluation service to reduce the prototype revisions.

Thermal Analysis

Heat sink and fan are the common tools used to reduce the PCB temperature. However, placement of the heat sink and fan also plays an important role in optimizing the PCB temperature.

Steady-state and transient thermal simulation can be performed to investigate PCB thermal problem. Thermal simulation helps to locate the hotspot and mitigation steps can be recommended accordingly.

PCB routing and layout could be also the cause for PCB heating up

Electrical Analysis

PCB routing and layout could be also the cause for PCB heating up. Wrong track impedance can lead to higher loss which in turn generates unnecessary heat.

We can also perform IR-Drop analysis where voltage drop is simulated based on the PCB components’ current usage. Power losses in PCB and components can be obtained in this analysis.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most common PCB heating problem comes from inappropriate IC heat dissipation method. It could be heat sink and fan fitted not according to specification.

Heat conduction is always more efficient that convection. Therefore, usage of thermal pad and correct specification of heat sink will greatly reduce the temperature on the IC. Static air will also build up the temperature, therefore adequate air flow will also help bring down the temperature.

We use the latest simulation technology from Dassault Systemes which is used by many renowned automotive and aviation companies. Besides, we also provide measurement services where results correlation can be performed.

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