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Dreamcore RF test board

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Dreamcore RF test board

Dreamcore Technologies designs Radio Frequency (RF) Semiconductor Components and Test Fixtures for electronics multinationals. We are also developing our own Intellectual Property on RF sensors for the Internet-of-Things, with a focus on the physical security and monitoring solutions market. We are a boutique design house founded in 2006 in Penang, Malaysia. Our major customers include Mini-Circuits, Carsem, Broadcom, Nexperia and Keysight.


  • RFIC Design
  • We design RF semiconductor components according to your application requirements.
  • RF PCB and Fixture Design
  • We transform your RF device test requirements into the final test PCB and fixture.
  • RF Training
  • We provide a solid grounding in the essentials of RF and microwave knowledge.
  • Human Detector
  • An RF sensor to detect and identify people to enable physical security monitoring without needing RFID tags or cameras, and hence less intrusive of privacy.

Sample RF Test Boards

Frequently Asked Questions

We always start with the end goal in mind. RF test boards are designed according to final testing/usage methodology, this will reduce the measurement error when ICs are implemented onto final product

Not necessary! With the increased signal speed and reduced form-factor, ICs are experiencing high temperature as well. Our test boards can be designed to validate the electrical, mechanical, and thermal requirements.

Depends on the requirement, we may need to prepare several prototypes to ensure the functionality of the test boards. We also work with PCB fab-house to ensure quality prototyping

Simulation reports can be requested for our test boards. We may also include full report comprising of both simulation and measurement reports.

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