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Fei Teng Wireless Technology (FT-RF) is a Taiwan antenna manufacturer for EMC/EMI testing. We consistently inventing and improving to 
better understand and respond to market demands. We deliver trustworthy design technology, stringent quality control and have years of
award-winning experience in numerous industries and applications such as military, commercial and citizen frequency bands.

Military Antennas

One of FT-RF main product range is Military Antennas, such as Jammer Antenna, Military Horn antenna, Military vehicle antenna, Antenna Telescope Mast, Marine, Panel, Log Periodic antenna, Gooseneck, Whip, GPS, Connector, Adapter…

Outdoor & Indoor Antenna

Another product range is outdoor and indoor antenna, such as: Lora Antenna, ISM, LPWA antenna (868MHz antenna aka EU868, 915MHz antenna aka US915, 923MHz antenna aka AS923 and others.), 4G LTE antenna, 5G antenna, Wifi Antenna, Multi-Frequency Antenna, UHF antenna…, RF components, Cables and Connectors. We offer a variety of high-performance antennas for Global LoRaWAN applications, including 868 MHz, 915 MHz, 868 MHz, and 923 MHz… Our product line comprises both durable outdoor antennas and indoor high-performance dipole antennas that are suitable for a variety of LoRa applications, including Helium Network support. 


Horn Antenna

Our final product range is Horn Antenna, such as RF Microwave Antennas, EMC test equipment (Double Ridged Horn Antenna, Open boundary double ridged horn antenna, Quad Ridged Horn Antenna, Standard Gain Horn antenna, Waveguide to coax Adapter, precision Sleeve Dipole Antenna, Log Periodic Antenna, Antenna Tripod, RF connectors…

Double-Ridged Horn Antenna

The horn antenna has a distinctive design that is enlarged towards the end. Horn antennas typically feature a directional radiation pattern with a high antenna gain of 10-20 dBi, some antennas have a higher gain such as the standard horn antenna up to 25 dBi. Horn antennas feature a low VSWR and a wide impedance bandwidth.

Double Ridged Horn Antennas are very popular from 200 MHz frequency to higher frequencies up to 40GHz. We have recently extended the usage frequency of this antenna up to 60 GHz.

This antenna’s operating frequency has recently been increased to 60 GHz. The research process for the product line is still ongoing but is planned to be completed this year. To receive the most recent price and technical information on the new product, please contact us for more information.


Open Boundary Double Ridged Horn Antenna

Open Boundary Quad-ridged Horn Antenna’s open boundary design is similar to two double-ridged waveguide antennas orthogonally to each other. FT-RF Open Boundary Quad-ridged Horn Antennas have frequency capabilities ranging from 700 MHz to 18GHz depending on type and style.

With more than 30 years of experience in researching, developing, and manufacturing this line product. FT-RF Antennas are lightweight, easy to install, and designed for a quick test, with an average gain and factor design and VSWR. They are suitable for RF chamber, antenna calibration, RF component testing, interference antenna, signal collection antenna, and characteristics of various RF designs. In addition, they have high power, low VSWR, durability, and a three-year warranty.


Quad-Ridged Horn Antenna

Key Applications

  • Antenna Measurement
  • Electromagnetic Measurement
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing (EMC test)
  • Ultra-wideband Radar Detection

Open Boundary Quad Ridged Horn Antenna

  • Low Cross-inteference
  • Antenna Measurement
  • Electromagnetic Measurement
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing (EMC test)
  • Ultra-wideband Radar Detection

Some antennas have a compact design that makes them ideal for use with a tripod-mounted (Antenna Tripod)

Standard Gain Horn Antenna

Standard gain horn antennas are used as calibration devices that measure the gain of other antennas.

These antennas are made up of a combination of a Waveguide to Coax Adapter and Standard Gain Horn with Waveguide Input. It is a kind of simple combination but with great care and attention to create an antenna with accurate and suitable specs.

FT-RF Standard gain horn antenna product series includes waveguide sizes WR28, WR42, WR51, WR62, WR75, WR90, WR112, WR137, WR159, WR187, WR229, WR284 and WR340, WR430, WR510, WR650, WR770, WR975, WR1150, WR1500, WR1800, WR2100, WR2300, with broadband waveguide horn antennas have frequency capabilities ranging from 320Mhz to 40 GHz depending on type and style. with the gain of 10dBi, 15dBi, 20dBi and 25dBi.


Waveguide to Coax Adapter

FT-RF Waveguide to Coax Adapters has N-type and SMA connections. The frequency range for this Waveguide Coaxial Adapter Series is 350 MHz to 18 GHz, with a low VSWR.

Microwave equipment is frequently connected to coaxial components such as attenuators, switches, and couplers using waveguide-to-coaxial adapters. They are frequently used in satellite and terrestrial communications equipment.

Waveguide Input Antenna

Waveguide standard gain horns, also known as Waveguide input, are pyramidal-shaped broadband passive devices. Standard gain horns are also used to calibrate other antennas and evaluate their gain. Aluminum is used as the waveguide material in the typical gain horn.

Depending on the type and style, our broadband waveguide horns can operate at frequencies ranging from 350 MHz to 40 GHz. RoHS compliance is found in many of our RF and microwave gain horns.

Precision Sleeve Dipole Antenna

Precision Sleeve Dipole Antenna is an omnidirectional antenna with a low VSWR and an electric dipole pattern that resembles a half-wave resonant dipole. The antenna can be end-fed thanks to the sleeve dipole design, which eliminates cable and feed point interactions that can degrade antenna performance and reduce cable interaction.

The sleeve dipole antenna has a nominal 50Ohm impedance, a one-watt maximum continuous transmit power, and an SMA Female connector (N-Female Connector optional) 

Gain, VSWR, max. ripple and measurement uncertainty values are provided with each calibration.

  • Precision Gain for Range Calibration
  • Range of Frequencies to Cover Wireless Device Bands

Log Periodic Antenna (LPDA)

The Log Periodic Antenna  as known as LPDA  is a wideband directional antenna that provides gain and directivity combined over a wide band of frequencies.

Both Log-Periodic Antennas and Yagi antennas are high gain directional antennas. The main difference between these antennas is that Log-Periodic Antennas support wider frequency bandwidths and are physically much larger than Yagi antennas.

The log-periodic dipole array typical VSWR is 2:1 and operates over a much wider bandwidth and will have a lower gain for an equivalent number of elements.

With this level of performance, it is ideal for many applications, although a log-periodic antenna will be much larger than a Yagi of an equivalent gain.

Vivaldi Antenna

A Vivaldi antenna is a co-planar broadband-antenna, which can be made from a solid piece of sheet metal, a printed circuit board, or from a dielectric plate metalized on one or both sides.

A one-piece sheet metal vivaldi antenna undergoing testing in an anechoic chamber

Vivaldi antennas are useful for any frequency, as all antennas are scalable in size for use at any frequency. Printed circuit technology makes this type antenna cost effective at microwave frequencies exceeding 1 GHz.

FT-RF Vivaldi Antenna uses for 700MHz to 10GHz frequency.

Antenna Tripod (EMI Mounting)

Antenna Tripod LM-series is constructed from high-quality glass fiber and plastic material and is conveniently collapsed for storage and transport. It is designed for indoor and outdoor applications and is easy to adjust tripod height for multiple using purposes.

In addition, we are introducing the LM-508 Antenna Tripod, which is suited for larger and heavier objects such as huge horn antennas or pan tilt.

RF Connector

We also have various antenna RF connectors with different genders and types. Contact us to find out more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide outdoor antenna with frequency range from 1MHz to 6.2GHz. We also have antenna for 5G mmWave. Please consult our technical team for advices. Contact Us

We provide various types of multi frequency super mini omni directional outdoor antenna. We also have broadband antenna for various applications.
Click here to find out more. 

While we offer large range of antennas, there are a few best selling antennas among all the products we have.
Click here to check it out, meanwhile do not forget to assess the specific application’s requirement such as frequency range, radiation pattern symmetry and bandwitdh before making decision.

Directional antennas focus on signal strength in specific direction, while omnidirectional antennas provide 360-degree coverage.
The choice depends on the application’s requirement. Click here to talk to the technical team.

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