21 March 2023


SeminarEastin Hotel, Penang

About this event

Connectivity, mobility, and scalability have driven engineers to be versatile in various engineering challenges that can be summarized as embedded design. Embedded circuits would include digital buses, RF connectivity, sensor circuits, control systems, and power management topics. Additionally, EMI and EMC remain the underlying concerns in every product design. To make sure they work well together, engineers will need techniques and tools to help them look beyond different design aspects. Join the experts from both Rohde & Schwarz and Würth Electronics to learn more about debugging various issues, including digital design, EMI/EMC and power integrity. Topics include:
  • Embedded design and power integrity challenges
  • EMC Design tips
  • High-speed design debugging tips & tricks
  • Common mode choke parameters explained
  • If you have an existing challenge in embedded design/testing or want to
  • improve your knowledge of how to tackle these challenges, this event is for you.
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Who should attend

  • Electronic Design Engineer who is involved in the design, development, and production of electronic products
  • Signal Integrity Engineer who focuses on circuit performance and testing of signal qualities
  • Product Planner who wishes to know more about where they can reduce time or increase the efficiency of time to market by understanding where EMC issues can be resolved.
  • Technical staff who wish to know more about EMC
  • Lab officer who wishes to learn more about T&M equipment and component solutions